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I the undersigned, if elected as a full probationary member, promise to obey the Rules and Bye-Laws of Northampton Boat Club, and observe the Laws and Bye-Laws of the Environment Agency, and other bodies empowered to regulate the use of the waterways.

If elected, I agree to keep my craft insured against at least Third Party risks throughout the year, and I realise that failure to do so may result in suspension or expulsion from the Club.

If elected I agree to keep my boat in a clean and working state and to use it for its purpose.

Not to leave it unused on the mooring, If required, I agree to undergo a practical test of my boating skills conducted by a person nominated by the Committee.

If elected, I realise that I am expected to attend Working Parties or contribute my time to the club in some other way, during my membership.

If elected, I agree to retain the same craft, as listed overleaf, during my probationary year and also agree that any future changes will be in consultation with, the Harbour Master.

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